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We are a Jacksonville business for Jacksonville businesses.


Fresh Cowork started because we saw a need in our rapidly expanding city.


We can’t address every growing pain, like traffic on JTB or constant construction, but we can help with one: office space.

Jacksonville doesn’t have enough real estate options for small businesses and entrepreneurs, so we transformed an underutilized space into Fresh Cowork.


We offer a more flexible, affordable, and serene work environment that doesn’t scrimp on amenities. This is part of who we are, as a family and as a company.


Eleven years ago, we started FreshJax, our organic spices business, because we wanted to share clean food without sacrificing taste and variety.


Our office spaces can’t make your dinner taste better, but they can make your day a lot fresher. Natural light, a neighborly culture, outdoor space, and a short commute can change your quality of life.


But we’re not stopping at serving our city, or even your business. The Fresh Cowork community, just like Fresh Jax, gives back globally, too. It’s part of our family’s mission to inspire healthy living, serve others, and empower our customers to do the same.


We welcome you to join our Fresh Cowork community and our mission. It’s about a whole lot more than office space.


Jason and Hillary McDonald

We help businesses work in community, creating a foundation for flourishing and reflecting the love of Christ. Fresh Cowork is a faith-driven company that promotes a positive environment for business professionals.

Meet Our Team

While Fresh Cowork is a family affair, Fresh Cowork’s ownership and leadership is an all-female team of professionals balancing life, work, and family.


We are here to help others to balance successful (and often demanding) professional lives with the important people and values their work supports.



Owner and CEO

Hillary started her entrepreneurial journey in 2011 when she co-founded FreshJax with her husband applying hard work and endurance to make it a successful company in the food industry.  She was inspired to earn a MBA while running the initial retail store and it helped her foresee that possibilities of 9000 Cypress Green Drive. As FreshJax adapted the space for supply chain management and e-commerce orders the surplus space would also be a space for Fresh Cowork.  Hillary applied her background in Interior Design to model a workspace to inspire the professionals that would work within a sage network. As a result, Fresh Cowork reflects her interpretation of open space, natural light, artful color and high ceilings which are absent from offices.  "I have spent what seems a lifetime nurturing FreshJax to what it is today. Fresh Cowork represents the culmination of my creative and business knowledge. My hope is that our children realize they too can overcome any obstacle while being the best they can be."

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a community of business professionals that desire to create and implement their ideas.

  • Demonstrating positive attitude that uplift others

  • Respect for time

  • Respect the unique journeys of others

Vision Statement

  1. A place where professionals have freedom to create, plan, and collaborate

  2. A place where professionals can maintain a healthy life balance

  3. A place that appreciates a positive network.

Our Values 


We connect community members with resources to help them achieve their goals.


We inspire members to strive for their goals through positive words & actions.


We elevate members by highlighting their goals & accomplishments.

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